The Center for Family Enterprise produces a free podcast series as a companion to the Family Business 360 breakfast programs. You can access any of the podcast episodes by visiting Apple Podcasts; there you can subscribe to the podcast and automatically receive new episodes once they are released. You also may listen to any of the episodes listed here by clicking the title of each episode below. (The episode will open in a new window and begin playing immediately.)

New Episodes 
Title Date
Life Happens: Anticipating the Unknown in Shareholder Agreements April 11, 2019
How Trust Can Be Your Most Valuable Family Business Asset March 20, 2019
Inviting Outsiders In: Exploring the Value of Non-Family Board Members March 14, 2019
Family Momentum: Readying Future Family Business Leaders February 14, 2019
Business Transition Planning: Balancing Business, Family and Personal Requirements October 11, 2018
Passing the Torch: Navigating Financial and Emotional Dynamics of Multigenerational Business May 10, 2018
Exit Stage Right: Understanding Family Business Exit Options April 12, 2018
Preparing Owners for a New Financial Reality March 15, 2018
Keys to Financial Preparedness for Family Business Successors February 15, 2018
Transferring Values with Wealth for a Lasting Legacy January 18, 2018
Don't Grow It Alone - How Advisory Boards Drive Success December 7, 2017
Don't Be Wise Too Late - An Estate Planning Guide to Business Transitions November 16, 2017
How to Build a Well Defined Succession Strategy October 12, 2017
Episode Archives

Estate & Succession Planning

Title Date
Do Your Kids Want the Business? Planning for Yes or No April 11, 2017
Tax Issues for Family Businesses November 15, 2016
Succession and Transition Decisions for Every Stage of Your Family Business May 18, 2016
SBA Financing Solutions to Support Business Transitions February 10, 2016
The Middles: Transition Planning for the Second Generation January 14, 2016
Cashing Out and Buying In: Dual Financial Challenges for Family Business November 12, 2015
Choosing the Right Team to Transition Your Business October 15, 2015
Succeeding in Succession: Assessing Your Personal and Business Readiness October 8, 2014
Fair vs. Equal in Estate Planning September 17, 2014
Trusts 101 January 8, 2014
Death and Taxes: Planning for the Inevitable While Protecting Your Business and Family December 3, 2014
Family Business Succession Best Practices November 14, 2013
What Would Life REALLY Be Like If I Sold the Family Business? November 5, 2013
Estate Planning Basics October 23, 2013

Business & Family Governance

Title Date
Family Business Charters May 18, 2017
Building Family Business Value from the Inside Out March 16, 2017
Family Offices: An Introduction and Leading Practices December 13, 2016
Beyond the Start Up: Taking Your Family Business to the Next Level November 10, 2016
Ownership, Family and Business Continuity: How Family Governance Strengthens Business October 13, 2016
Hot Topics in Employment Law for Family Business October 13, 2015
Increasing the Value of Your Family Business May 13, 2015
Advisory Boards for Family Business February 18, 2015
Family-Owned Business Valuation February 10, 2015
Hosting Successful Family Meetings January 15, 2014

Communication & Family Harmony

Title Date
Avoiding the Ditch: Keeping Your Family Business Communication On Track February 16, 2017
Family Business Excellence with Grant Jones January 31, 2017
Parent, Owner, Mentor, Spouse: Untangling Roles for Clear Conversations April 13, 2016
Elder Owners: Care Concerns for the Family and Business February 3, 2016
Multiple Generations in the Family Business May 20, 2015
Will the Next Generation Stay or Go? Communication that Supports Family Business Unity April 15, 2015
Introducing Your New Date to the Family Business December 13, 2014
Good Intentions Are Not Enough: What Gets in the Way of Successful Succession Conversations October 15, 2014
Multiple Generations Working Together April 24, 2014
What Your Kids Want You to Know About the Family Business March 18, 2014
Mining Conflict February 4, 2014
All in the Family January 22, 2014