Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Namesort icon Department Office Phone Email
Rose, Deb Global Business Analysis Strand Ag 310 deb.rose@oregonstate.edu
Rubin, Janice School of Design and Human Environment Milam 031D 541-737-1121 janice.rubin@oregonstate.edu
Sallee, Brenda Advising & Services Bexell 214A 541-737-3716 brenda.sallee@bus.oregonstate.edu
Sanchez, Roberto Retired / Emeritus sanchezr@bus.oregonstate.edu
Sands, Shari Business & Engineering Business Center Bexell 319 541-737-6051 Shari.Sands@oregonstate.edu
Saunders, Sandy BEBC Bexell 308 541-737-3997 sandy.saunders@oregonstate.edu
Schell, Maria Dean's Office OSU Foundation Portland Center 503-553-3422 maria.schell@oregonstate.edu
Schilpzand, Pauline Management Bexell 341 541-737-2717 pauline.schilpzand@bus.oregonstate.edu
Schuff, Kurt Business Solutions Group Bexell 100P 541-737-6004 kurts@bus.oregonstate.edu
Schuff, Kris Business Solutions Group Bexell 100N 541-737-3144 kris.schuff@oregonstate.edu
Schwab, Dan Advising 214 Bexell Hall 541-737-3716 dan.schwab@oregonstate.edu
Scott, Greg Retired / Emeritus 541-547-5470 ScottGr@bus.oregonstate.edu
Scott, Inara Global Business Analysis Bexell 427 541-737-4102 inara.scott@bus.oregonstate.edu
Scott, Bret Accounting Bexell 220 541-737-6011 bret.scott@bus.oregonstate.edu
Scott, Laura School of Design and Human Environment Milam 228 541-737-3796 laura.scott@bus.oregonstate.edu
Scranton, Bonnie School of Design and Human Environment Milam 327 541-737-1183 bonnie.scranton@bus.oregonstate.edu
Scranton, Bonnie School of Design and Human Environment Milam 327 541-737-1183 bonnie.scranton@bus.oregonstate.edu
Seville, Mary Alice Retired / Emeritus Seville@bus.oregonstate.edu
Silverira, Robin College of Business Bexell 201D 541-737-5916 robin.silveira@bus.oregonstate.edu
Smith, Randal Global Business Analysis and Management 201C Strand Ag 541-737-6043 randal.smith@bus.oregonstate.edu
Smouse, Evan Strategy and Entrepreneurship Bexell 419 541-737-4057 evan.smouse@bus.oregonstate.edu
Sprague, Alan Dean's Office - Information Services Bexell 116 541-737-3802 spraguea@bus.oregonstate.edu
Stojcevski, Tome Finance Strand Ag 310 541-737-0088 tome.stojcevski@oregonstate.edu
Sullivan, Dave Retired / Emeritus At home in Albany 541-791-6470 Dave.Sullivan@bus.oregonstate.edu
Swift, Michele Management Bexell 400E 541-737-4110 michele.swift@bus.oregonstate.edu
Terhes, Amanda Close to the Customer (C2C) Project Weatherford EG06 541-713-8041 amanda.terhes@bus.oregonstate.edu
Todd, Allison School of Design & Human Environment Bexell 214 541.737.4766 allison.todd@bus.oregonstate.edu
Toombs, Charles Strategy & Entrepreneurship Strand Ag 310 charles.toombs@oregonstate.edu
Tull, Barbara Marketing Strand Ag 310 barb.tull@oregonstate.edu
Tural, Elif School of Design and Human Environment 328 Milam Hall 541-737-0992 elif.tural@oregonstate.edu