At Oregon State, we work hard. We know we have to earn what we want. We come from a long line of people with grit – people who get results. We don’t rest on our accomplishments. We take on new challenges to innovate and build the futures we want.

With our work ethic and persistence, we are natural entrepreneurs. InnovationX, our Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is a training ground for turning our focus on problem-solving into results and sustainable businesses. While the center lives in our College of Business, InnovationX serves students of any major across OSU and promotes access to entrepreneurship programming for our communities.

The center delivers programming that allows students to explore entrepreneurship, participate in entrepreneurship activities, test new business ideas, and launch new ventures. The center also builds an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship across the institution so that every OSU student has access to entrepreneurship resources and feels welcomed into the entrepreneurship community.

Programs include workshops, networking events, business plan competitions, startup support, classes and degrees, community outreach, and more.