Pay it forward by volunteering your time to mentor a student.

Whether you have a couple of hours in the short term or wish to have a longer-term impact, the College of Business offers several mentoring opportunities for you.

Undergraduate Mentoring

Mentor high performing undergraduate students by providing career readiness, network introductions and general advice on landing that first job. This program requires a 9-month commitment with monthly check-ins with your mentee and attending two events in-person.

MBA Mentoring

Mentor MBA students by providing job shadow opportunities, and advising on industry specific skills, career placement, and network expansion. This program requires a 9-month commitment with monthly check-ins with your mentee, attending two events in-person, and hosting a small group of students at your workplace.

Flash Mentoring/Informational Interviews

Mentor students in shorter, time-bound commitments through our flash mentoring and informational interviewing programs. This is a 1-2 hour commitment.

InnovationX Mentoring

InnovationX, our Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, helps students of any major turn their focus on problem-solving into results and sustainable businesses. Entrepreneurs and professionals interested in helping students launch businesses are encouraged to become mentors and guest judges in our pitch competitions. Complete the InnovationX mentor and/or guest judge interest forms online.

Contact us for more information or to start volunteering with the College of Business.