Eligibility Requirements for Stonehill Business Exchange

Applicants must meet the following requirements prior to going on a fall or spring term COB Business Exchange Program*:

  • Have a COB GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Senior standing preferred (but Junior standing can apply)
    • Courses taken abroad will be mainly senior level
  • Completed the following courses with a C- or better
    • BA 352 Managing Individual and Team Performance
    • BA 240 or BA 360 or FIN 340 Finance
    • BA 223 or BA 390 or MRKT 390 Marketing
  • No grades below a C- in any required Business courses that have not been fixed

* Students interested in studying on exchange in Australia only need to meet the GPA requirements plus have at least 30 OSU credits completed. 

Application Deadlines

October 5th is the application deadline for Spring Germany or Winter/Spring Australia exchange applicants.

  •     Please note:  You will enroll in BA 348 for Fall term if accepted. BA 348 typically meets on Fridays.

JANUARY 20th (by midnight) is the application deadline for Fall exchange applicants (all locations).

  •    Please note: You will enroll in BA348 the following Spring term if accepted.  BA348 typically meets on Fridays.

Note: IMDD and Business & Entrepreneur Minors may apply for the COB exchange.  Priority is given to Business majors, though.  IMDD and minor students, if accepted to go on the exchange, will not earn the IB option.


Refer to these Frequently Asked Questions for additional information regarding the application process.

Application Process

Being placed in one of the Business exchange locations is a highly competitive process.  Keep this in mind as you prepare the required application materials.  There is also a $50 application fee charged by OSU's Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO).

Step 1:  Complete the electronic OSU GO applicationDownload this PDF for step-by-step instructions for completing the COB Stonehill Exchange Application.  Note: Do not apply to individual country locations.  You will list country preferences within the "Stonehill Exhange Application".

A Personal Statement will be required. This will be your only opportunity to convince the COB to approve placing you at your first choice location.  Be clear, specific, and informed regarding your reasons, influences, research, and goals as they relate to your top three location preferences.  The statement submitted should:

  • Be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced.
  • Include responses to the following:
    • Describe the leading motivations to selecting your first choice location.
    • Why do you think the College of Business should offer to place you with your first choice location?
    • What factors influenced the selection of your 2nd and 3rd locations?
      • NOTE: Top 3 location preferences are submitted on a form that is part of the COB Stonehill Exchange application

Step 2: Interview

All students who meet the eligibility requirements will be invited for a group interview with COB Exchange Coordinators/Advisors. Please monitor your email for information and instructions on how to prepare for and schedule the interview. The interview process is also an extremely important step in helping the Exchange Coordinators determine placement of each eligible applicant.

Step 3:  Conduct Check. 

A campus conduct check is completed for all applicants. If you have concerns about previous misconduct violations on campus or off, please consult an Academic Advisor.

Step 4: Placement Decisions Announced and Program Fees Due

Applicants are selected for the Exchange Program based on their perceived adaptability, maturity level and academic performance.  If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email with a placement offer and deadline for confirming acceptance of the offer.  If you agree to the program location offer, you agree to also pay the non-refundable program fee of $400. This amount will be billed to your student account during the term you are enrolled in BA348.