• Exchange: OSU students "switch places" with students from international institutions.  Placement in these programs often depends on how many students the other institution will be able to send to OSU.  Students going on exchange programs will pay tuition to OSU for their time abroad.
  • Study Abroad:  This term is broadly used to refer to any type of overseas study program.  However, it can also refer to a specific type of program that differs from exchange or faculty led.  When a specific program is labeled as a "study abroad", there is no exchange/switching places between students and schools.  Students typically pay tuition to the host institution or a third party provider.
  • Faculty Led:  OSU faculty teach a course abroad.  Students pay OSU tuition.  How the course(s) apply to individual degree programs varies depending on subject taught.


Study abroad/exchange timeline

Freshmen Year

  • Talk to your family
  • Start a financial plan: research scholarships, encourage family/friends to give monetary gifts for birthday and holidays
  • Contemplate and reflect on goals for studying abroad: academic, career, cultural and personal
  • Research countries and cities of interest
  • Meet with academic advisors to discuss your plans to study abroad
  • Apply/renew your passport, if necessary (your passport should be valid 6 months after your intended return date). See US Department of State website.


Sophomore Year

  • Limit your choices to three locations and do more intensive research (where will you live, meal options, chances of exploration, classroom settings, etc.)
  • Speak with program alumni about their experiences (returnee events in Jan/Feb)
  • Review application procedures and make certain you will potentially meet eligibility requirements
  • Note application deadlines
    • Business students typically apply in start of junior year for IB Option locations and go abroad Fall of senior year
    • Design students may be applying in February (for Summer options) or March (for Fall options)
      • Best time to study abroad is beginning of Junior year for Design students
  • Join COB Inc (International Network Club)


Junior Year

  • Outline your goals and objectives (see Freshmen year)
    • Why do you want to go abroad?
    • What would you like to gain from this experience?
  • Meet with advisor and draft a graduation plan that includes your term abroad.
  • Business students going on IB Option exchange – schedule BA352, BA360 and BA390 to be completed before going abroad
  • Note application deadlines for Business programs:
    • October 5th for Spring term - Germany (only)
    • January 20th for Fall term - all locations
  • Complete applications – prepare for interviews
  • Join or continue membership in COB Inc (International Network Club)


Senior Year

  • This is most common year to go abroad (for Business students) - would have applied in Junior year
  • Not too late to consider applying, though:
    • Consider going on exchange after completing all major and bac core requirements; study abroad as your final college experience
    • Maybe a summer term abroad will fit into your plan
    • If double majoring, staying for 5th year – may still fit in your grad plan
  • If you went abroad, return to be a mentor to the next group
  • Join or continue membership in COB Inc (International Network Club)