You must meet eligibility requirements as a Design major and apply to be admitted into a Professional Studio Program for Apparel or Interior Design.  The process is competitive!

When to Apply

You must meet all Studio major eligibility requirements to apply. You will be notified of a decision during the term you apply.  If accepted, you will be admitted for the following term. 


Fall 2019

Open: Monday, September 16
Close: Thursday, October 17

Spring 2020

Timeline to be announced fall 2019.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply to a Professional Studio Program, you must:

  • be a current OSU Design major.
  • reach 90 credits by the end of the application term (junior standing).
  • have completed, or are registered to complete, in the current/application term:
    • DSGN 121 or 221
    • DSGN 281
    • DSGN 244
    • DSGN 253 (or BA 281)
    • DSGN 255
    • DSGN 226 (Apparel) or DSGN 287 (Interiors)
  • have an All-Inclusive Design (AID) GPA that is equal to or higher than the Eligibility AID GPA for the major(s) for which you are applying.  The AID GPA is the average of grades earned in the Design Degree Program Coursework (both transfer and OSU grades) and grades of any additional design courses taken at OSU.  If a class has been repeated, then refer to the Retaking Courses Policy to see which grade is used to compute the AID GPA.
  • have grades of C- or better in all Design Degree Program Coursework, which includes all lower-division Design Core, upper-division Design Core, and major specific courses that are required to earn a specific design degree (both transfer and OSU grades).
    • If you have a grade that is lower than a C- in Design Degree Program Coursework, you must be enrolled to retake this course to be eligible to apply. Note: your AID in MyDegrees may no longer include the grade you are replacing but it will be counted in your application.  Please see a COB advisor for help calculating your GPA.
    • If you currently have an Incomplete with a D, D-, F, or N predicted grade, your grade must be updated to complete (with a C- or better) prior to the Pro-School application deadline to be eligible or you must be enrolled to retake the course.

Majors and GPA Criteria 

Admission is competitive, meeting or exceeding the Eligibility AID GPA or Competitive AID GPA does not guarantee admission to a Professional Studio Program.  If you have two programs which are of interest to you, you may apply to a first and second choice. If you are accepted into both programs then you will be placed into your first choice or, if you plan to pursue two, you can apply to two and potentially be accepted into both. 

This table of information pertains only to the current application period.

  AID GPA Available Campus  Course GPA
  Eligible Competitive Corvallis Online Minimum Grade Required
Apparel Design 2.50 2.75 Yes No DSGN 226 - C-
Interior Design 2.75 3.00 Yes No DSGN 287 - C-
Design and Innovation Management*     Yes No  
Merchandising Management*     Yes No DSGN 276 - C

AID GPA: The AID GPA is your All-Inclusive Design GPA. It consists of grades from all the Design Program Coursework including those taken at OSU and transfer institutions.

Eligibility AID GPA:  To be eligible to apply to a major, students must have an AID that is equal to or higher than the Eligibility AID GPA. 

Competitive AID GPA: This is the minimum AID GPA needed in order to be competitive when applying for a given major.

*Schedule an appointment with a COB advisor to declare a non-studio program.

Application DETAILS

  • Complete applications must be submitted by the deadline to the considered.
  • You can only submit one application per term.  If you resubmit your application in a given term, the most recent submission will be used.
  • You can apply to both Apparel and Interiors on one application.
  • You will be asked if you agree to:
    • comply with the COB Academic and Professional Standards.
    • release your academic records to the College of Business major faculty reviewing your application.
    • an automatic change of your academic record to reflect your new major, if you are accepted into that program.
  • Apparel Design specific requirements:
    • Sewing sample: In PDF format*, the sewing project should include pictures and a paragraph describing what the sample is, why you chose to sew it, what you learned while working on the project, and details regarding your past sewing experience.
    • Three samples* of design work in one combined PDF file*:
      • DSGN 121 or 221 final project
      • DSGN 226 final project: Technical Package including Front View, Back View, Detail View, Points of Measure, Construction Page, Bill of Materials, Piece List, and optional Labels page. 7-8 pages in total.
      • A project from any class or outside work of your own. Please include a few sentences about the project.
      • Note: If you are currently enrolled in DSGN 121 or DSGN 226 and do not yet have a final project, please include an additional project from another class or your outside work.  A total of three samples must be included.
  • Interior Design specific requirements:
    • Essay question: If you plan to pursue a major which has a competitive GPA listed in the chart above, you will be asked to address the following essay question: Describe your overall career objectives and how completion of your selected major will help you achieve those objectives.  Answers are limited 1000 characters and will be cut off if they exceed the limit.  It is recommended that you compose your answers to the essay in a separate Word document and copy and paste the responses into the application form. Remember to check your grammar and spelling.
    • Resume in PDF format*
    • Five samples of design work from Design courses (OSU or transfer) or equivalent art/design projects completed outside of class.  Samples should be included in one combined PDF file*.
  • Application supplements:
    • *Attachments: PDF format only with a maximum file size of 5MB each.
      • Please make sure your name is indicated in the document file name and your name and student ID number is on the first page of the document. 
      • Label and number samples.
    • Transcripts: Send all transcripts with any Design coursework completed or in progress at other institutions before you apply. If the courses are not yet showing in MyDegrees, upload unofficial transcripts with the application.