All OSU students must attend an orientation, including transfer students. The focus and format of this orientation is different from a freshmen orientation. You learn about OSU, your new college, and register for your first term class.  There are two types of orientations:

  • Transfer START – for students starting OSU Fall term. More info here.
  • New Student Admit Orientations (NAO) – for students starting OSU Winter or Spring term. For more information and to sign up for a NAO please visit our New To OSU page.

Note: Beginning fall term 2016, the College of Business will offer a 2-plus-2 Community College Partnership Program.


Academic Challenges

The Academic Success Center  is a valuable resource that can help you be a successful OSU Student. As a new student in the College of Business (COB), it is important to know what to expect. You may encounter one or more of the following academic challenges:

Class Size: Your OSU classes may be larger than classes at your old school.

Challenges:  The number of students in each class will vary. The smallest class at OSU has 20 students, and the largest has 500. It may be harder to get to know your instructors or ask questions.


  • Go to class and sit in front row so your teachers see your face more. 
  • Participate in class on a regular basis. 
  • Visit your instructors during their office hours.

Homework and Exams: You may have fewer homework assignments. Instead your grade may be based more on your exam scores.

Challenges:It may be harder to get regular feedback on how you are doing in class. Oportunities to make up missed work/tests or do extra credit could be rare. It will depend on each instructor.


  • Keep up with all reading and assignments, even non-graded ones.
  • Stay organized. Write down when assignments are due and exams are scheduled (put pop up reminders in your phone). You can’t afford to miss even one.
  • Spend more time preparing for your exams. Get help well before the test. Sometimes your class grade is only based on 2 or 3 tests. Make them count.

Pace of the Term: There are 10 weeks in an OSU quarter, and the 11th week is finals.

Challenges:  You could have your first midterm during week 3 or 4. It can be difficult to keep up with the reading and assignments if you procrastinate even a little.


  • Be organized. Plan ahead to get things done and schedule time for studying. Don’t just study in between other activities and work.
  • Stay healthy. Being sick for a few days can put you behind for the rest of the term. Take care of your body and get enough sleep.
  • Ask for help when you need it. If a family emergency or serious illness does occur, contact your instructors. Your teacher might give you the opportunity to make up missed work based on their policy. Also, ask your Advisor for advice.


General Expectations and Structure at OSU

Teaching Assistants: Some classes will have teaching assistants (TA). These individuals help the professor with the following: teaching, grading, recording grades. Some classes have a separate TA led portion of the class; these are called Recitations or Labs. Attendance at these can be required.

Classroom Behavior: OSU classes will assume mature and respectful behavior. Doing anything that may disrupt the process of learning or teaching may result in being asked to leave the classroom. Examples of unacceptable disruptive behavior are texting, having your cell phone ring, talking out of turn, and being disrespectful or rude to others.

Responsibility: It is your responsibility to ask questions, get clarity or ask for help. At a large school, you can't depend on others to remind you of your responsibilities. You are responsible for

  • checking your progress in class
  • checking your progress toward graduation
  • registering on time
  • checking class prerequisite before registering for a class

Student Services: There are multiple services here to assist you with everything from academic advising to time management skills to tutoring. Utilize them, most are free.


Non-Traditional Students

Student Life

Just because you’ve been a student somewhere else doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in student life at OSU! We have a wide variety of student clubs that offer ways to get involved in common interests, cultural heritage, Greek living, religious denominations, activism, and much more. Don’t see a student club you are interested in? Go ahead a create your own! A full listing of Student clubs and the process for creating a new club are all listed on the Student Leadership & Involvement website.

Not sure if you have time for clubs? That’s not a problem – just check in the Daily Barometer, our student newspaper, for upcoming events! The Barometer is published online.

Family Housing

Housing can be a big stress factor when you are switching locations. University Housing and Dining Services at OSU offer affordable housing in a supportive environment for OSU students with families. On their website you can see floor plans for housing units, view prices, check your eligibility, and find out how you can start the process of applying for family housing.

25+ Lounge

The 25+ Lounge is located in Room 203 in the Memorial Union. The Lounge is equipped with couches, study space, a water cooler, and computer access. It’s the perfect place to go to catch a break and to meet other students who are going through the same transition you are. Only for students 25 and older.

Dixon Recreation Center

As a student at OSU you have full access to the Dixon Recreation Center. Dixon Rec, as it is often called, is fully equipped with basketball, tennis, badminton, and racquetball courts, an indoor track, an Olympic sized pool, hot tubs, saunas, multiple high class weight rooms, and the tallest rock climbing wall in the PAC 10. More importantly, it also has family changing rooms and competitive membership rates for spouses and dependants of current students. Don’t forget to check out their programs for youth and family fitness classes!

There is a world of possibilities at OSU and a large group of students, staff, and faculty eager to make your transition to OSU a fun and painless one. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring OSU today!