3d Printed FlugTag


Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium


Come watch fantastic 3d printed "Flying" machines be launched from the 4th floor balcony to most likely certain doom on 3rd floor.


- 3/4 lb max weight (added weights included)

- Vehicle distance achieved assessed 30 seconds after launch. -> measured by horizontal distance from ramp to largest piece of vehicle remaining
- Vehicle cannot exceed 8 inches in length or wingspan 
- 51% by volume of total body must be 3d printed
- Height cannot exceed 6inches except for small add-ons such as a pirate flag
- Minimum width between wheels - 1-3/4 inch
- Minimum bottom clearance underneath the body (so it does not rub on the track guide) - 3/8"
- No motors/non-3d printed propulsion methods (must be safe)
- Flashy designs encouraged 

Prizes: Farthest distance, Best design, Best (worst) crash

To Enter: Email Jacobe Reid - reidjak@oregonstate.edu  with your STL file or to find out more