TitleA NAV a Day Keeps the Inefficiency Away? Fund Trading Strategies using Daily Values
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHughen, JC, Mathew, P, Ragan, K
JournalFinancial Services Review
Date Published2005

Previous research documents the value of closed-end fund trading rules based on the size of theweekly discount. The growing number of closed-end funds that provide daily net asset value data
provides an opportunity to test the profitability of short-term fund trading strategies. We find that
short-term trading strategies that purchase fund shares after large negative discount changes are
profitable, on average, even when transaction costs are incorporated. However, strategies that short
sell fund shares after large positive discount changes do not produce an average profit. The limited
amount of trading in closed-end funds may make it difficult to achieve short-term profits from discount
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