CSC Professional Staff 

Sandy Neubaum

Sandy Neubaum currently serves as the director of student engagement for the College of Business. Her background includes more than 20 years in the nonprofit sector and serving as the director of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program. A veteran teacher, Sandy is passionate about providing all students within the College of Business the opportunity for active engagement opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. As a first-generation student, Sandy is dedicated to providing business students with the skills needed to thrive on campus. Working with her team, she oversees the Career Success Center, College of Business student clubs, and first- and second-year classes and programs. Sandy serves as the faculty advisor for WIL, a campus-wide women’s leadership club. Awards and recognitions include The Student Learning and Success Teamwork Award (2015), Vice Provost Award of Excellence for the Thinker Tinker Trailer (2017), and the College of Business Internal Service Award (2017). When not teaching or working with her team, Sandy can be found hiking the Oregon trails with her two doodles, Tazzie and Murphy. LinkedIn

Dan Ziriax
Assistant Director of Professional Development

Dan Ziriax is the assistant director of professional development for the Career Success Center in the College of Business. He has been working in higher education for more than 25 years. All of this time has been in student services areas. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Management / Human Resources. He has devoted his career in serving students and working to ensure that students are set up for personal, academic and professional success. LinkedIn

Brianna Beene
Events Manager

Brianna Beene is the event manager for the Career Success Center in the College of Business. She holds both a B.S. and M.S. in natural resource fields from OSU and has been planning events for more than 10 years. Outside of work, Brianna enjoys reading great stories and books, cooking (and eating) delicious food, and most outdoor activities that involve spending time in beautiful Oregon scenery. LinkedIn

Susan Crist

Employer Relations Manager

Susan Crist is the Manager of Employer Relations for the Career Success Center in the College of Business. Her career spans over 20 years in the corporate sector, which includes recruiting for the largest private staffing company in the world. She also spent over ten years in Customer Success in HR technology, the pioneer in online recruiting. She is skilled at cultivating corporate relationships, educating talent acquisition professionals and senior management on attracting top talent, and improving the candidate experience. She is a third generation Oregonian, and graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Journalism. When she’s not promoting the College of Business, she attends 5:30 am Boot Camp, plays golf with family and friends, and loves cheering on the Beavs! LinkedIn

Cody Schrock

Office Manager      

Cody Schrock is the office manager for the Career Success Center in the College of Business.  He received his Bachelor's degree in geography from Oregon State, and is currently working on his Master's degree in adult education from Portland State.  Joining OSU in 2017, he is just beginning his career in student affairs after working in K-12 education for one year, and in distribution for eight years before that.  He is excited to build a long-term career serving the students of Oregon State.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and OSU Beavers sports!  LinkedIn

Student Ambassadors

Lauren Waddell

Major: Marketing

Lauren is pursuing a degree in marketing with a minor in psychology and plans to do an option in international business. These go hand in hand in the PR world of business. She joined the Career Success Center in spring 2017 to gain experience in event planning, data analysis, human relations and to better prepare herself and her fellow beavers for the outside world. Her dream is to become a chief marketing officer for a corporation so that she can be involved in management, PR, and the creative aspect of marketing. Lauren is also working on getting her first book on the path to success published. While it covers a lot of her personal experiences entailing female empowerment, the book is highly applicable to anyone seeking inspiration in their career paths.

Kira Jedan

Major: Marketing and International Business

Kira joined the Career Success Center from Student Engagement in the fall of 2017 to gain experience in event planning, marketing and human relations. She is currently working towards a double degree in marketing and international business. As a member of the CSC, she is dedicated to encouraging others to define career goals through events at Austin Hall. Outside of academics, she is in the process of opening her own art and custom design business, which will launch summer 2018. With a passion for projects, design and creativity, she is working to pursue a career in advertising.

Erica Lumianski
Major: Political Science

Erica Lumianski started as an event assistant for the College of Business in fall 2017. She is currently working towards a bachelor of art in political science with an honors associate. Erica plans on completing her honors thesis in the coming year, with a focus on comparative politics. In the previous year, she assisted Dr. Amy Below in international relations research with a focus on Cuban foreign policy, and presented at the Pacific Sociological Association conference in Portland and Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence at OSU with her research partner. Erica hopes to use this experience planning and assisting with events to gain knowledge in the world of business that will be applicable to a future career working in development politics.

Professional Development Faculty 

Michele Swift

Instructor and Student Outreach & Engagement, Management

Michele Swift has been a member of the OSU College of Business faculty since 2007 and currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in professional development and human resource (HR) management. She is the faculty advisor for the Management/SHRM Student Club, serves as the liaison between the Management program and student engagement, and is active on several university and college committees. Her research has been published in Journal of Management, Human Resource Management, Group and Organization Management, Human Resource Management Review, and Journal of Knowledge Management. Prior to joining academia, she spent over ten years in HR and consulting where she managed HR self-service implementation projects, assisted with business case development, counseled managers on employee relations issues, provided recruitment and placement services, and managed payroll and workers compensation. She received her Ph.D. in Organization Management from University Colorado Boulder and her Masters in HRIR from the University of Oregon. LinkedIn


Gene Young

Student Engagement Program Managers

Marcella Flores

Program Manager - Student Engagement

Marcella Flores is a program manager with student engagement in the College of Business. Marcella holds her undergraduate degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting and a Masters of Education in College Student Services Administration. As a first-generation student, Marcella’s passion has always been supporting incoming students to the university and helping them find their home. Marcella’s background is in higher education, student affairs, career development, service-learning and retention. Marcella currently supports all student organizations within the College of Business, co-supports the Dean’s Academy, oversees the assessment of programming and the student experience, teaches both first-year students and transfer students, and teaches the Interior Design sections of BA 161/162 for first year students. Lastly, Marcella currently holds the Region 1 Coordinator role for NODA, a professional organization in higher education focusing on orientation, transition and retention! When not at OSU, Marcella is often traveling with her partner, Sam, playing with her dog, Gus, and reading a lot of books! LinkedIn

Omar Trinidad
Progam Manager - Student Engagement

Omar Trinidad is a program manager for student engagement in the College of Business. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Omar strives to help his students recognize their professional and personal potential. Omar’s focus in the Student Engagement team is to support international students in the First-Year and Second-Year Experience programs. Coming from an international background, Omar is very passionate about helping students know that they belong at OSU. In his personal time, Omar loves to spend time with his wife, kids, and friends traveling or having fun outdoors. LinkedIn

Stephen Hodges

Program Manager - Student Engagement

Stephen Hodges is a Program Manager of Student Engagement at the College of Business. While he has been a teacher for about the past 10 years, this is his second year teaching at OSU. He earned two Bachelor's Degrees in Business, the International Degree and two minors from OSU earlier in this millennium, and holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Portland. In addition to teaching at OSU, he teaches Computer Science at a Community College, owns and operates a successful web development agency and is the chair of a technology education non-profit. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, a dedicated mentor, a devoted husband to his wife, Ashley and fur-child Bear. Outside of work, Stephen is usually under the hood of a car, racing at a motorsports event, or traveling around the world. He speaks several languages and has been to about 50 countries; don't be surprised if he encourages you to go abroad! LinkedIn

Amy Neuman

Program Manager - Student Engagement

Amy Neuman is a program manager with student engagement in the College of Business. Amy has a Masters of Public Health from OSU and has bachelors degrees in International Studies and French. Amy is passionate about all things social entrepreneurship; she currently is a co-advisor for the Social Entrepreneurship student club, 16xOSU. Amy currently also co-supports the COB Dean’s Academy, oversees the academic assistance programming within the first and second year experiences, manages and oversees Benny’s Business Closet, teaches both first-year students and second-year students, and teaches the Interior Design sections of BA 161/162 for first year students. Lastly, Amy also co-leads the Faculty Led Study Abroad class, Social Entrepreneurship in Uganda, which brings students to Uganda each summer to apply their business skills in real world situations. In her off time, Amy enjoys reading, travelling, cooking, and hanging out with her poodle, Dobby. LinkedIn

Jennifer Villalobos
Program Manager - Student Engagement

Lauren Caruso
Program Manager - Student Engagement

Dale McCauley
Program Manager - Student Engagement

Kayleen Salchenberg
Program Manager - Student Engagement