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The Austin Family Business Program produces a free audio podcast as a complement to the Family Business 360 seminars. Here are a few episodes that cover issues related to family harmony to get you started.​

Avoiding the Ditch: Keeping Your Family Business Communication On Track

Mark Wickman of Family Business Counsel discusses how family business communication becomes derailed and steps you can take to increase awareness, understand the difference between intent and impact, and reduce conflict.

Introducing Your New Date to the Family Business

Family therapist Stacey Lange talks about the family business system and the challenges inherent when the family changes or grows through divorce or marriage. How can a family in business together best cope with the shift in dynamics that new members often bring?

Fair vs. Equal in Estate Planning

Attorney June Wiyrick-Flores discusses a common estate planning challenge; is it better to treat successors equally (where assets are split equally among heirs) or fairly (where assets are distributed based upon other criteria, like contribution to the business)? What challenges or benefits to business operations and family harmony come with either approach?

Hosting Successful Family Meetings

Family meetings are a critical component to healthy family business governance. Clint Bentz of Boldt, Carlisle + Smith takes us through some best practices when planning and conducting family meetings including how to get started, how to maintain momentum, and some common mistakes to avoid.


For more Family Business 360 podcast episodes visit the Austin Family Business Program podcast resource page or find all the episodes on Apple Podcasts.