Resources to Support Non-Family Managers and Board Members

Families in business often rely on non-family managers and board members to deliver expertise and insights that aren't available within the family. Working in a family business can bring a unique set of challenges for non-family managers. Here are some resources to help with creating an environment where both family and non-family stakeholders can succeed.

Podcast Episodes

Inviting Outsiders In: Exploring the Value of Non-Family Board Members

Jeff Cronn of Tonkon Torp LLP discusses how non-family board members can contribute greatly to the long-term success of a family enterprise.


Advisory Boards in Family Business

Rich Simmonds of Pacific Family Business Institute along with family business guests Tom Kelly of Neil Kelly Inc., and Greg Waggoner of Leupold & Stevens Inc., discuss how they interact with outside board members for their family's enterprises.

Recorded Webinars

Who Will Lead: Filling Leadership Gaps in Your Family Business

Jim Grew of The Grew Company talks about what a family should consider when looking to fill leadership needs in the family business, from both inside and outside of the family. 


Strategies for Family Business Conflict Resolution

Dr. Randall Kinnison and Doug Alford of Genesis Mediation share practical ideas for overcoming conflict and communication impasses within the family business.


Further Reading

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