Family Business 360 - Bring your family business challenges to breakfast

Meet other family business owners and learn from Family Business 360 experts as they deliver tools, tips and solutions you can put to work on the issues that keep you up at night.

Family Business 360 breakfast events are:

  • A great place to learn from top-quality professionals and family business owners about issues of critical importance to the family business community
  • Excellent opportunities to meet other family business owners and family members who share similar experiences
  • Effective conversation starters for families who need to move forward on succession, communication, and renewing their family enterprise

Registration is now open for Family Business 360 Events! Visit the links below to register for individual programs.


Family Business 360 Upcoming Events

Portland | April 11, 2019
Justin Denton - Tonkon Torp LLP
Life Happens: Anticipating the Unknown in Shareholder Agreements

Portland | May 16, 2019
Christen Picot - Durham and Bates Agencies
Donny Springer - Columbia Financial Advisory Services
Culture as Competitive Advantage in Your Family Business

Past Events

Portland | October 11, 2018
Don Bielen and Paris Powell - Perkins & Co
Business Transition Planning: Balancing Business, Family and Personal Requirements

Portland | November 8, 2018
Brad Parrott - VergePointe LLC
More Than Family: When and How to Hire Non-Family Leaders

Online Webinar | December 12, 2018
Jim Grew - The Grew Company
Who Will Lead: Filling Leadership Gaps in Your Family Business

Portland | February 14, 2019
Marsia Gunter and Karen Carnahan - Carnahan, Smith and Gunter
Family Momentum: Readying Future Family Business Leaders

Portland | March 14, 2019
Jeffrey Cronn - Tonkon Torp LLP
Inviting Outsiders In: Exploring the Value of Non-Family Board Members

Salem | March 20, 2019
Mark Wickman - Family Business Counsel
How Trust Can Be Your Most Valuable Family Business Asset


Listen to interviews with the expert advisors that have delivered past Family Business 360 sessions. A complete listing of available podcast episodes is available on Apple Podcasts or our podcast webpage.