• A great place to learn from top-quality professionals and family business owners about issues of critical importance to the family business community
  • Excellent opportunities to meet other family business owners and family members who share similar experiences
  • Effective conversation starters for families who need to move forward on succession, communication, and renewing their family enterprise

Registration Fees: & Information

Registration is $45 and a 25% discount is available for those who register either for 3 or more sessions or for 3 or more attendees. A $300 Family Plan is offered for two attendees at each breakfast throughout the season. All breakfasts start at 7:30 am and for the 2019/20 season the program will finish at 9:00 am but an additional 60 minutes is available for in-depth discussion.

Attendance is limited to business-owning families and key personnel.

2019/2020 Family Business 360 events

Lake Oswego | October 10, 2019
Financing the Growth of Family Enterprises
Jennifer Fern-Peterson and Linda Hamilton of KeyBank

Online Webinar | November 6, 2019
How does the Smart Owner Prepare for Leadership Succession
Jim Grew, Grew & Co.

Lake Oswego | November 7, 2019
Building a Family Business That Will Last
Paul Menig, Business Accelerants

Online Webinar | January 23, 2020
WATCH: When Your Family Stresses the Business
The Austin Family Business Program Advisory Council

Lake Oswego | February 13, 2020
Transferring Family Enterprise Assets with Trusts
Stuart Allen, Allen Trust Company

Online Webinar | February 20, 2020
Where’s the Water? Due Diligence for Family Businesses Requiring or Protecting Water Rights
Laura Schroeder, Schroeder Law Offices

Salem | March 5, 2020
Key Financial Management Skills for Future Family Business Owners
Tricia Duncan, Jones & Roth CPAs and Business Advisors

Lake Oswego | March 12, 2020
Bringing Non-Family Members into Ownership
Justin Denton, Tonkon Torp LLP

Lake Oswego | April 2, 2020
Marketing Your Family Business Brand
The Austin Family Business Program Advisory Council

Online Webinar | April 9, 2020
Improving Communication and Understanding Between Generations in the Family and the Business
Mark Wickman, Family Business Counsel

Salem | May 14, 2020
Protecting Assets of the Growing Family Business: Complications in Community Property States
Abby Wool Landon, Tonkon Torp LLP

Past Events

Portland | October 11, 2018
Don Bielen and Paris Powell - Perkins & Co
Business Transition Planning: Balancing Business, Family and Personal Requirements

Portland | November 8, 2018
Brad Parrott - VergePointe LLC
More Than Family: When and How to Hire Non-Family Leaders

Online Webinar | December 12, 2018
Jim Grew - The Grew Company
Who Will Lead: Filling Leadership Gaps in Your Family Business

Portland | February 14, 2019
Marsia Gunter and Karen Carnahan - Carnahan, Smith and Gunter
Family Momentum: Readying Future Family Business Leaders

Portland | March 14, 2019
Jeffrey Cronn - Tonkon Torp LLP
Inviting Outsiders In: Exploring the Value of Non-Family Board Members

Salem | March 20, 2019
Mark Wickman - Family Business Counsel
How Trust Can Be Your Most Valuable Family Business Asset

Portland | April 11, 2019
Justin Denton - Tonkon Torp LLP
Life Happens: Anticipating the Unknown in Shareholder Agreements

Portland | May 16, 2019
Culture as Competitive Advantage in Your Family Business
Stephen Babson - Endeavour Capital
Christopher McKillop - Rogers Machinery Company
Christen Picot - Durham and Bates Agencies
Donny Springer - Columbia Financial Advisors, Inc.


Listen to interviews with the expert advisors that have delivered past Family Business 360 sessions. A complete listing of available podcast episodes is available on Apple Podcasts or our podcast webpage.