Family Business 360 Breakfast Event - Portland

Preparing leaders in a multigenerational family business is a long-term process that differs greatly from non-family firms. The next generation leaders often grow up in the business, with a unique perspective on the enterprise, employees, and family members that outside managers don't possess. Given this situation, how should a family prepare future family business leaders so they can take advantage of both the insider's perspective while maintaining a willingness to try new things and think outside of traditional boxes? This session will look at how well known local family businesses have transitioned family members into leadership positions and share the unexpected challenges along the way.


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February 14, 2019
7:30 am to 9:00 am
OSU Portland
555 SW Morrison St, Portland OR 97204

Registrations are $40 each, with a 25% discount for three or more.
Attendance is limited to business owning families, family members, and key personnel.

Presented by:
Marsia Gunter - Carnahan, Smith and Gunter
Karen Carnahan - Carnahan, Smith and Gunter