Emily Bestor

For business information systems student Emily Bestor, knowledge is about digging deep.

“I’m someone who is analytical and likes to understand how things work, not just that they work,” she says. “It’s a certain way of thinking.”

In the College of Business’ Business Information Systems program, Bestor knows she’s come to the right place to turn that way of thinking into any of a number of careers.

“There are certain expectations the College of Business holds you to, and it’s a pretty high bar, but I really appreciate it,” Bestor says.

Bestor grew up in Ashland, and business education was a way of life in her family.

“My parents own a retail store, Travel Essentials,” she says. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the store, working with customers. And I’ve been learning about the systems they use, how their website works. That’s sort of what made me interested in BIS. A BIS education is also just a really good tool to have, something that will help me with challenges I encounter in whatever job I have.”

Depth and versatility are among Bestor’s strong suits. In addition to mathematics and technology, she has a passion for the creative, and for campus involvement. Double-majoring in management, Bestor, a junior, is an executive consultant for DAMchic, the university’s student-produced fashion magazine, and she also hosts an alternative-rock show for KBVR, OSU’s student radio station.

Bestor is thrilled with “all of the resources that are available here” at the COB for students to further their education and career prospects.

“We even have our own Career Success Center,” she says. “Being able to meet professionals and have them talk about their experiences, understanding what kinds of jobs and opportunities there are – I don’t know much easier it could be for students to get the help they need.”