Haley Shelton

Haley Shelton enjoys solving problems and directing computers how to help her.

“I like coding and telling computers what to do,” said the junior, a double-major in business information systems and accounting. “Getting the right sequence of letters and numbers, it’s kind of like a puzzle, like accounting is too. I enjoy figuring it out, solving a problem, figuring out the right code to run the program.”

Shelton, a Hillsboro High graduate, came to OSU to study accounting and decided BIS would be a terrific complement to help her collect the number of credit-hours required to sit for the CPA exam; her brother is a recent BIS graduate, and the outstanding job market track record of Oregon State BIS/accounting grads was another factor that drew her in.

“My brother really enjoyed it,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in computers, computer games, coding. Looking at his experiences in the program, and those of friends who are both accounting and BIS majors, the combination is very helpful. It’s a beneficial path to go on.”

Shelton is a member the Chi Omega sorority, and this fall she coached a team of 11-year-old boys in AYSO soccer. She also likes board games, but mainly her schedule is filled with pursuing her dual degrees, and the commitment is paying off. Already she’s earned a scholarship funded by the Portland chapter of the Society for Information Management.

“If I have free time, I probably should be doing homework; that sounds kind of lame, but that’s how I am,” she said with a laugh.