What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Digital Brand Management certificate programs?

Students learn to analyze brands' current strategies to drive customer demand, awareness, and engagement trends in consumer behavior in the Digital Brand Management certificate program. Students practice steps and processes related to planning, executing and reporting on digital marketing strategies. Our industry experts discuss the many components of digital marketing objectives, including techniques, platforms, metrics and analytics. Students implement digital content and marketing strategies that maintain a consistent brand image across platforms throughout the four courses.

The Digital Marketing certificate program helps students understand audience segmentation and usage tools, techniques and research strategies to build profiles. Students evaluate case studies to create proposals for different audiences around marketing strategy, social media outlets, and metrics. Students develop strategy outlines and documents for transmedia storytelling, develop actionable content marketing goals by optimizing search content, identifying content around the buyer's journey, and building a content marketing team. Additionally, students learn the difference between C2B and B2B market audiences and how to engage hard-to-reach businesses.

With the flexibility our certificate programming offers, these programs can be taken concurrently, or if you would like to substitute a course or two from either program, please reach out to cpe@oregonstate.edu with your request.