What are hybrid courses?

Hybrid courses are upper-division classes that combine face-to-face classroom sessions with online coursework and interaction.

They are a blend of online study and in-person sessions in Portland -- 50% online and 50% in-person. You get the benefit of online learning and in-person sessions that connect you with your student community, OSU faculty, and the powerful Beaver alumni network in Portland.

The hybrid undergraduate degree completion pathway allows students with eligible transfer credits to complete their degree with Oregon State University.

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What does a typical hybrid course look like?

Hybrid courses are designed to offer you many opportunities to engage with course material, both individually and as a group. You’ll actively participate in and even direct your learning and support your classmates. Your instructor serves in multiple roles: content expert, guide, facilitator, co-learner and mentor.

In the classroom you will:

  • Check in about how things are going, ask questions about assignments
  • Engage in group discussions about reading assignments and online learning activities
  • Collaborate with your peers to review, synthesize and apply what you’ve learned

Online you will:

  • Participate in weekly discussions connected to the readings and other learning activities
  • Prepare for your in-person classroom sessions
  • Submit and receive feedback on assignments