The International Business Option prepares students for management positions in organizations engaged in international trade. Areas of greatest opportunity for overseas assignments are with service organizations such as banks, consulting firms and accounting firms; with import/export firms; with governmental organizations; and in marketing and financial management areas of multinational firms.

A career in international business can lead to exciting and rewarding opportunities abroad. Most multinational business firms, however, hire new employees first for domestic assignments in order to provide them with a thorough knowledge of the firm, its products and its policies, or for specific assignments in one of the functional areas of the business, before providing overseas opportunities.


The international business option is designed to give students an increased awareness of the economic, political, geographic and sociocultural factors which impact doing business across national boundaries. 

Because the majority of employees who eventually hold high-level positions in international business start in such entry-level areas as finance, marketing and accounting, all international business students must also complete requirements for a secondary discipline within business, i.e. in finance, accounting, marketing, management or business information systems. Requirements for the International Business Option are satisfied by studying overseas for one term via one of 13 Arthur Stonehill International Exchange Programs

Your freshman and sophomore years will be largely confined to completing the OSU baccalaureate core and the Business Core (see Requirements.) These courses are required of all business students. Your junior and senior years will involve taking classes in your primary discipline and/or other core requirements. Your international exchange will take place during one term of your senior year, typically in the fall.  Participating in an exchange will expand your international business understanding beyond the classroom and can increase your opportunities for finding a job after graduation. You'll come away with an increased global awareness, in addition to new friends and professional contacts.