Alexa Carey, a fifth-year senior who is seeking three business degrees, naturally gravitated to college leadership activities as a freshman. As a recipient of the Dean’s Leadership and Professional Achievement Award, she was among the college leaders who received a personal invitation from Dean Kleinsorge to make a two year commitment to the newly formed Dean’s Student Leadership Circle in February 2010.

Carey says the leadership circle has significantly enriched her educational experiences. “It’s really a learning experience in addition to having the opportunity to use my voice,” she said. “Probably one of the greatest things for me is that I’ve learned so much about other people.” Dean Kleinsorge has always nurtured strong communication with students, but she decided to up the ante last year by widening the circle of student leaders she regularly engages in conversation. The 20-member Dean’s Leadership Circle now meets with her monthly. In return for the service the circle provides to the college by promoting student involvement, planning and executing events and helping the dean remain close to the student experience, its members have numerous opportunities to meet alumni and business partners and hone their networking skills.

For Lyndsay Toll, a junior in business management and entrepreneurship, the door opened to the leadership circle when she became president of the OSU Management Club. “The DSLC has really connected me more with the student population, to other college leaders,” she said. “It’s inspiring and progressive—you get things done.” She said the group is committed to unifying the disciplines within the college.

Toll also appreciates having opportunities to network outside her circle of peers. “I’ve gotten to meet so many people—faculty, business people—learning from them has really helped me find my path and realize what I can do to be more successful in my life.”

As for the dean, she said the group keeps her centered and acts as a sounding board for how the curriculum is affecting the student experience. “They bring me back to what’s real,” she said. “There is no problem, no issue in the college that these students don’t have an opinion about. They give voice to why I get up in the morning.”

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