The Learning Experience

At the College of Business we are committed to student success and excellence in education — and we provide multiple platforms, extensive resources, and ongoing partnerships for students to "learn by doing." Our students enter the workforce understanding that what they do beyond the classroom can make an impact on the world — and that they have the tools to create sustainable, dynamic, innovative, and socially conscious businesses.

Oregon State College of Business

Programs and Resources

Exploring the breadth, creativity, and depth of the programs we offer and the resources we've put together for our students begins here. We have built a learning-centered, student-first focused college of business excellence, but the real fun and satification comes when our students find their passions, innovate and grow.

  • The "DAMlab Makerspace" has laser cutters, 3D printers, CAD, CAM and graphic design software, and other design production machines. And — first-year students have 24/7 access to the DAMlab.
  • The Oregon State Investment Group is a student club that manages three portfolios with about $2 million in equity. Students gain practical investment experience with real dollars at stake.


Oregon State College of Business

Business Opportunities

We expect that our students are energetic and innovative, and that given the right opportunities they will excel in business. The College of Business has multiple opportunities for students and student team to build their businesses, compete for startup funds, and more.

  • The Austin Venture Lab – An immersive, two- or three-credit course where students use the DAMlab makerspace to develop products, design a marketing campaign and launch a business.
  • The OSU Advantage Accelerator is a platform for university, community and regional business development, focused  on high-growth, traded sector startup and early stage organizations. student interns work directly with entrepreneurs during all phases of the commercialization process to explore markets and launch ventures.

Oregon State College of Business


InnovationX is the Oregon State University College of Business emerging Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is an expansion of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program (AEP)

Which InnovationX program (listed at right) is right for you? Need more information? Have an idea for InnovationX? Please contact us at: