Oregon's Top-Ranked Part-Time MBA

What’s expected from a nationally top-ranked online educator? The best part-time MBA program in Oregon, that’s what’s expected. But more than that, your Oregon State MBA comes with options — four program tracks, to be exact — and flexibility on where and how you learn. That’s what you’d expect from the best.

Focus your MBA with these tracks: business analytics, marketing, organizational leadership or supply chain and logistics management.

Balance your career goals with Oregon’s top-ranked online MBA by pursuing what works best for you — full-time or part-time study.

Connect with industry and gain a competitive advantage by working on real-world projects that are sponsored by industry partners.

Study with a network of accomplished career professionals across industries and earn the same degrees as our on-campus students.

Join peers from Oregon and around the world with a variety of backgrounds like engineering, science, social sciences, arts and business.

Learn with committed professors and passionate mentors. They’re also corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, industry experts and researchers.


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Rachel Salazar

Rachel Salazar

“I knew I wanted to work for an apparel company, ideally Nike, and it's worked out great for me. I definitely got everything I wanted out of it. In the OSU MBA program, I not only learned in my classes and from my professors and instructors — my classmates were from all over the world. The smaller class sizes were really appealing, and we got a lot of hands-on feedback and support. The professors are super eager to provide feedback and help students get more out of the program.”

Senior Manager, Procurement