These tutorials were developed and funded by the College of Business at Oregon State University for use in our project management courses. They may not be used without permission by other colleges, universities, organizations, institutions or individuals. Please contact Dr. Pauline Schilpzand ( for any inquiries about use.

Tutorial 1

What you see when you open MS Project 2013

Tutorial 2

How to create a WBS

Tutorial 3

How to code a WBS

Tutorial 4

Manual Scheduling vs Auto Scheduling

Tutorial 5

How to Enter Estimated Duration

Tutorial 6

How to Use the Yellow Sticky Approach to Map Out a Network

Tutorial 7

How to enter predecessor information to create a project schedule

Tutorial 8

How to change a timescale

Tutorial 9

Formatting a Gantt chart

Tutorial 10a

Network Sensitivity

Tutorial 10b

The difference between free slack and total slack

Tutorial 11

How to introduce lags into a schedule

Tutorial 12

How to display the schedule as a network

Tutorial 13

How to Create a Resource Pool

Tutorial 14

How to Assign Resources to Specific Tasks

Tutorial 15

How to Designate a Start Date for a Project

Tutorial 16

How to Insert Milestones into Your Schedule

Tutorial 17

How to Alter the Work Calendar: Entering Holidays

Tutorial 18

Printing and Saving as a PDF Part 1

Tutorial 19

Printing and Saving as a PDF Part 2

Tutorial 20

How to Insert Titles and Manage Legends when Printing or Saving a PDF

Tutorial 21

How to Assess Whether Resources are Over Allocated

Tutorial 22a

How to Resolve Resource Over Allocation by Leveling: Overview

Tutorial 22b

How to Resolve Resource Over Allocation by Leveling: Leveling within Slack

Tutorial 22c

How to Resolve Resource Over Allocation by Leveling: Leveling Outside of Slack

Tutorial 23

How to Access Total Cost Information

Tutorial 24

How to Generate a Cash Flow Chart

Tutorial 25

How to Save a Plan as a Baseline

Tutorial 26

How to Insert a Status Date

Tutorial 27

How to Record Actual Progress on a Project

Tutorial 28

How to Obtain Earned Value Performance Information

Tutorial 29

How to Examine Schedule Variance in Real Time

Tutorial 30

How to Obtain CPI and SPI

Tutorial 31

Some Major Changes between MS Project 2013 and Earlier Versions