Bosky Optics founded by Matt Miner, is a company that sells customized wooden sunglasses. They partner with artists to design customized laser engraved wooden frames, which are now sold all over the world.

Ideation Station, founded by Steven Miller and Moriah Shay, works with low income and rural communities to implement a STEM-based experiential learning program that incorporates entrepreneurial curriculum and a mobile makerspace.

Shape is a digital marketing budget management software platform founded by Chris Vlessis. Originally called SteadyBudget, Shape as grown to become one of the leaders in the online advertising management tools industry. While in the Austin Venture Lab, SteadyBudget acquired angel funding, and today they are headquartered in Bend, OR.

FormForge LLC was founded by Nathan Fuller and Andy Baldwin. FormForge builds large-scale 3d printers using robotic arms. They recently won 2nd place in the Nasa Mars Habitat Challenge, beating many competing companies and universities.