The Supply Chain and Logistics Management option trains students to be operations and procurement managers in government agencies and in manufacturing and service sectors around the globe.

The National Association of State Procurement Officers and the National Association of Educational Procurement are partnering with the College of Business to offer this undergraduate option to OSU Ecampus students.

Learning outcomes

Graduates will learn to:

  • use concepts of operations and supply chain management and qualitative and quantitative methods to make decisions in international business contexts that include new and unfamiliar situations.
  • design management plans for global supply chains that are lawful, ethical and environmentally and socially responsible.
  • develop a global outlook that reflects changes experienced and anticipated by firms and industries and understand the requirements for effective change management in global operations and supply chains.

Required courses

The Supply Chain and Logistics Management option requires 28 credits beyond the undergraduate business core:

*BA 451 Supply and Sourcing Management (4 credit-hours)
*BA 454 Lean Enterprise Management and Capstone (4)
*BA 459 Manufacturing and Service Operations (4)
**BA 478# Supply Chain Analytics (4)
MGMT 364 Project Management (4)
MGMT 455 Influence and Negotiation (4)
MGMT 457 Supply Chain Strategy (4) 

*Courses that are variants of existing MBA classes
**New course.

Entry Requirements

Pro-school admission requirements for this option will be the same as for the General Business option: 2.5 GPA in pre-business coursework, and all pre-business coursework either completed or registered to complete.