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Procurement and Contract Management

Develop a strong foundation in the essentials of contract management so you have the knowledge needed to manage contracts effectively.

Procurement and Contracts Management Certificate

Unlock the secrets of successful procurement and contracts management, equipping you with the expertise to optimize sourcing strategies, negotiate contracts, and drive exceptional value for your...
Starts Mar 11, 2024
$3,125 | 12 credits

Contracting in Crisis Intervention

During this time of crisis, government contracting involves a level of detail above and beyond many other areas to critically manage the various components of these documents effectively. Listen to...
Free | 0.1 credits

Business Contracts 101 - An Introduction to Contract Administration

Learn about the checkpoints for success including contract kickoff, interpretation, how to create and approve modifications, and performance monitoring.
Free | 0.1 credits

Government Contracting

Learn about requirements for stakeholders involved with government contracts and how you can negotiate with these various members.
Mar 11 - Apr 21, 2024
$625 | 2.4 credits

Contract Law Performance

Learn contract law fundamentals with an emphasis on common real-world situations to help you build your contract law knowledge and reinforce essential contract law principles.
May 13 - Jun 23, 2024
$625 | 2.4 credits

Contract Negotiation

Build essential communication skills and practice negotiations while also having an opportunity to study real-world examples and consider the nuanced aspects of these documents.
Jul 15 - Aug 25, 2024
$625 | 2.4 credits

Business Contracts

Business contracts are a daily part of business and the work that gets done. These documents dictate much of the work we do and ensure that everyone's interests are protected. This course helps...
Sep 9 - Oct 20, 2024
$625 | 2.4 credits

Contract Finance and Funding

Strong procurement and contract management depend on effective negotiation of finance and funding. This course will help you build the skills to successfully navigate these areas through the use of...
Nov 4 - Dec 15, 2024
$625 | 2.4 credits