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Procurement and Contract Management

Develop a strong foundation in the essentials of contract management so you have the knowledge needed to manage contracts effectively.

Procurement and Contracts Management Certificate

Learn to maximize operational and financial performance while reducing risk.
Starts Jun 7, 2021
$2,750 | 12 credits

Contracting in Crisis Intervention

During this time of crisis, government contracting involves a level of detail above and beyond many other areas to critically manage the various components of these documents effectively. Listen to...
Free | 0.1 credits

Business Contracts

Business contracts are a daily part of business and the work that gets done. These documents dictate much of the work we do and ensure that everyone's interests are protected. This course helps...
Jun 7 - Jul 18, 2021
$550 | 2.4 credits

Contract Finance and Funding

Strong procurement and contract management depend on effective negotiation of finance and funding. This means that you need to evaluate the capacities of contract partners, as well as their ability...
Aug 2 - Sep 12, 2021
$550 | 2.4 credits

Government Contracting

Government contracting involves a level of detail above and beyond many other areas, and it's critical to effectively manage the various components of these documents and relationships. This...
Sep 20 - Oct 31, 2021
$550 | 2.4 credits

Contract Law Performance

Contract law can seem overwhelming when working in procurement and contract management, especially when you're searching for specific answers to your exact issues. That's why this course...
Nov 8 - Dec 19, 2021
$550 | 2.4 credits

Contract Negotiation

Negotiation is a huge part of managing contracts, and it's critical to approach these situations mindfully and with careful consideration. Our Contract Negotiation course offers you the ideal...
Jan 9 - Feb 20, 2022
$550 | 2.4 credits