All students earning their B.A./B.S. diploma from the OSU College of Business complete business core or design core classes which make up more than half of all degree credits. These are common core classes that start in 100 levels in your first year, and move into 300- and 400-level courses as you advance.

The following learning goals and objectives are in addition to those in the business core learning goals and objectives.

Merchandising management graduates will be competent to:

  • Explain how social, environmental, political, cultural and economic systems, and geography relate to the planning, creation, production, merchandising, distribution and consumption of textile, apparel and footwear products and resulting company performance. 
  • Apply market research skills throughout the line planning and development process to establish line direction in terms of color, style, materials, separates/coordinates balance and pricing.       
  • Development assortment plans that are in line with specific target markets, company location and/or selling format, marketplace trends and performance goals.     
  • Develop merchandise budgets and analyze and update budgets to meet company performance goals. 
  • Use industry-relevant technology to formulate and communicate merchandising decisions.       
  • Apply visual and promotional strategies across different selling formats that would potentially enhance company performance.