OSU rebranding project

OSU Experiential learning and research opportunity

Four OSU Students coordinated and conducted focus groups to test OSU’s new brand concepts.

The project included focus groups in Corvallis and Portland that explored OSU’s proposed new brand concepts and tested potential messaging and creative concepts. The Corvallis focus groups took place in the Austin Hall Research Suite and included faculty, staff and students participants. The group in Portland was conducted at that Food Innovation Center with prospective high-achieving high school students from the Portland metro area.

C2C students worked with OSU Marketing and their faculty mentor, Dr. Colleen Bee, to create topic guides (a general set of questions) related to OSU Marketing’s learning objectives.  Students participated as co-moderators of the groups and the team produced a final report of findings highlighting the major themes that emerged from the three focus groups.

Team and contacts

Student Project Lead:

Levi Lewandowski, Senior in Marketing (Levi.Lewandowski@oregonstate.edu)

Jessica Kiever, Senior in Marketing

Theresa Hollerbach, Senior in Marketing

Joseph Bridges, Junior in Marketing

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Colleen Bee, Marketing Professor, College of Business (Colleen.Bee@bus.oregonstate.edu)

Amanda Terhes, C2C Director, College of Business (Amanda.Terhes@bus.oregonstate.edu)