Staff Development Committee

Hello from the College of Business Staff Development Committee!

The SDC advocates for the staff experience at the College of Business. Through various channels, we take input from staff from across the college and promote staff-focused causes and address staff-focused issues with college leadership.

Use our feedback survey — anytime.

This survey is an opportunity for you to give your comments to the SDC on any issues or share your suggestions. You can submit your feedback anonymously, or confidentially.


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Who We Are & What We Do

Who are we?

We are your colleagues; we are your teammates. We are a group of professional faculty and classified staff at the College of Business who are passionate about advocating for staff issues and working to cultivate a positive culture at the college.

We aim to open communications, maintain a positive workplace, and improve inclusivity for staff by connecting staff with resources, raising issues and building community.


What do we do?

The SDC serves as advocates for the staff experience at the College of Business. We strive to raise issues and promote the voice of the staff in the college as well as connect employees with various resources already available to us.

We want to connect with you and create the welcoming community and culture that you want to be a part of.

How We Connect

We write emails asking you to attend social and professional development events.

We’re building an appreciation program and a new employee buddy system.

We share information about college resources in the college newsletter.

We have our own email – the whole committee can access the inbox.

We are each ready to listen to any concerns from anyone and discuss solutions.

We conduct a Climate Survey annually with our Faculty Development Committee parallel group.

We’ve built a survey for YOUR feedbackof any kind, any time.

Staff Development Committee Members