• Both the MBA and the specialized master's program applications require two professional (or academic) references. If you have completed your undergraduate studies within the last two years of applying to our graduate business programs, at least one of your references should be academic. Otherwise, professional references are required.
  • References can be managed through the online application’s reference system. By including the names and email addresses of your reference providers on your application form, your providers will automatically receive an email with an electronic reference form once you submit your application. Electronic references are typically added to your application file within one business day of receipt.
  • Reference providers who prefer to write letters may email their references directly to OSUMBA@oregonstate.edu or send them as hard copy through the mail in sealed envelopes with the reference provider’s signature written across the envelope flap (refer to mailing address in Transcripts section above). Reference letters received via email should be sent by the reference provider and emailed as attachments on professional letterhead.

NOTE: We will not accept letters uploaded by applicants to the document-upload section of the online application form, emailed by applicants, or submitted as hard copy by applicants unless still in a sealed envelope with the reference provider’s signature across the envelope flap.

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