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Andrea Marks is coordinator of the Graphic Design program at Oregon State University. She received a BFA in graphic design from University of the Arts in Philadelphia and did her post-graduate work at the Basel School of Design in Basel, Switzerland.

Research Interests

She was the recipient of a 1994 National Endowment for the Arts Design Arts Grant for her project Women of the Bauhaus. This project explores the role of nine women who studied at the Bauhaus and documents their achievements through an interactive CDROM.

In 1998, she was introduced to Polish posters and quickly became fascinated with both the powerful artwork and the unique history of the Polish poster. The result of this fascination is a 40-minute documentary film titled Freedom on the Fence. The film chronicles the history of the Polish poster from WWII through the fall of Communism. More information can be found at


Marks' interests in design curriculum extend to exploring new ways in which students engage in learning, particularly in the realm of digital technology. She is the author of Writing for Visual Thinkers, an ebook that explores the intersection of writing and design.

My Publications

Journal Articles

A. Marks, From Art to Business (and Back), Design & Culture, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 69-73, 2017.


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