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Affiliated with: 
College of Business
Research/Career Interests: 
  • "Seeing Systems in Healthcare Organizations,"  Physician Executive, (co-authored by Leonard Friedman and David Bella)   2007
  • "The Dark Side of Organizations and a Method to Reveal It," Emergence (co-authored by David Bella and David Kailin) 5(3) (2003): 66-82
  • "A Method for Better Understanding Social Systems," Journal of Applied Systems Studies (co-authored by Jonathan Down) 4 (2003):
  • "The Value of Virtue in Business Education," Newsletter of the Program for Ethics, Science, and the Environment (2003): 10 (2003): 3-4.
  • "Learning to Think in Circles," Journal of Management Inquiry (co-authored by Jonathan Down and David Bella) (2002)
  • "On Taking Stories Seriously: Emotional and Moral Intelligences," Teaching Business Ethics (co-authored by Jonathan Down) 4(2001): 419-437
  • "Towards a Science of Storytelling: Opportunities for Management Education" (1999) National Academy of Management Proceedings
  • "Whole Systems Thinking and Practice," Infrastructure Electronic Journal, 1999
  • "On Seeking First to Understand," Teaching Business Ethics 3 (1999): 113-136
  • "An Exercise in Moral Philosophy: Seeking to Understand 'Nobody'," Teaching Business Ethics 1 (1997): 63-91
  • "The Systemic Distortion of Information: An Ongoing Challenge to Management," Organizational Dynamics (Winter 1996; co-authored by Erik Larson).
  • "Nuclear Power," Blackwell's A Dictionary of Business Ethics (1996)
  • "Creating Common Ground: A Lesson From the Past," Journal of Business Ethics 14 (1995): 1-16.
  • "Tools-R-Us," Journal of Business Ethics 13 (1994): 243-257
  • "Learning to Solve the Right Problems: The Case of Nuclear Power in America," Journal of Business Ethics 12 (1993): 105-116
  • Review of The Truth About Chernobyl, by Gregori Medvedev in Society (November 1991)
  • "Common Knowledge of the Second Kind," Journal of Business Ethics 8 (1989): 17-32 (co-authored by David Bella).
  • "Confronting Chaos," Journal of Business Ethics 7 (1989): 29-40.
  • "Prisoner's Paradoxes," Journal of Business Ethics 7 (1988): 475-487.
  • "Taking Context Seriously," Liberal Education 73 (June-July, 1987): 7-13 (co-authored by David Bella).
  • "The Three Faces of Thinking," Journal of Higher Education 57 (January/February 1986): 78-92.
  • "Ethical Encounters of the Second Kind," Journal of Business Ethics 5 (1986): 1-11.
  • "A Case for the Humanities Perspective," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review 9 (1984).
  • "Teaching Business Ethics," Exchange 8 (1983).
  • "Small Business Ethics: Influences and Perceptions," Journal of Small Business Manage­ment (January 1982; co-authored by Daniel Brown).
  • "No Fault Criminal Liability of Management," Los Angeles Business and Economics (Summer 1981).
  • Review of Organizational America, by W.G. Scott and D.K. Hart in Academy of Manage­ment Review (January 1981).
  • Book Chapters:
  • "Nuclear Power," Blackwell's A Dictionary of Business Ethics (1996)
  • Book Reviews:
  • Review of Organizational America by W.G. Scott and D.K. Hart in  Academy of Management Review (January 1981)
Proceedings and Conference Presentations: 
  • "How Institutions Think: When Propaganda Equals Knowledge," The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, London, August 2004 (co-authored by David Bella)
  • "A Method for Better Understanding "Understanding"," National Academy of Management (August 2002; co-authored by Jonathan Down)
  • "A Method for Revealing Organizational Contexts and Why It Matters, The Third European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities, 2002 (co-authored by David Bella and David Kailin)
  • "A Modern Odyssey: The Desire to Know 'Nobody'," 17th Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies (August 2001; with David Bella and Jonathan Down)
  • "Lessons Learned from the Trenches: An Interactive Search for Effective Management Education Delivery," Western Academy of Management (April 2001; with Claudia Cogliser, Jon Down, and Leonard Friedman)
  • "Practicing Participatory Diagramming to Enhance Whole Systems Inquiry," ALARPM/PAR World Congress, University of Ballarat, AU (June 2000; with Ray William)
  • "Managing Invisible Hands," Western Academy of Management (April 2000; co-authored by Jonathan Down)
  • "Systems Learning and Practice," Western Organization and Management Teaching Conference (February 2000)
  • "Towards a Science of Stories," National Academy of Management (August 1999; co-authored by Jonathan Down)
  • "Transcending Problem Solving," Western Academy of Management (April 1999)
  • "Seek First to Understand," Leadership Salem (April 1998)
  • "Professional Ethics," Association of Gov't Accountants panelist (May 1998, Portland)
  • "Learning to Solve the Right Problems: Towards a Science of Dialogue," Third North American Conference of the Farming Systems Research & Extension Association (Nov 1997)
  • "Systemic Thinking in Health Care Organizations," National Academy of Management (August 1997)
  • "On Making a Difference in Higher Education," Western Academy of Management (April 1997)
  • "Strategies for Dealing with Wicked Messes," Center for Organizational Learning, MIT (October 1995)
  • "Business Ethics," Young Dairymen's Council (October 1994)
  • "Leadership," OSU NROTC (1988, 90, 92, 94, 99, 01)
  • "The Moral Obligation to Unlearn," Oregon State Management Association (July 1992)
  • "Character Ethics and TQM," Oregon State Management Association (June 1992)
  • "Some Ethical Dimensions of Product Liability," Society of Wood Science and Technology (Salt Lake City, 1990)
  • "Business Ethics," The Economic Roundtable (Portland, OR, June 1990)
  • "Wrap-up Address," Hewlett-Packard IC Division (1989)
  • "Keynote Address," Oregon Business Educators Association (1989)
  • "Thriving on Chaos," Industrial Design, Inc. (Division of CH2M Hill, 1989)
  • "Techno-Cultures," Fourth Annual Conference of the Oregon Peace Studies Consortium for Higher Education (1987)
  • "Is there a 'Business Ethics'?" Teachers Learning Community, O.S.U. (1987)
  • "Teaching Students How to Think," Teachers Learning Community, O.S.U. (1984)
  • Chair of Ethical Issues Session, Western Academy of Management (April 1984)
  • "Who Ought to Get What?" National Academy of Management (1983; co-authored by Kenneth D. Walters)
  • "The Goals in Teaching Business Ethics," Western Academy of Management (1983)
  • "Regulating Safety and Health Hazards," Western Academy of Management (1982)
Beyond OSU
  • Ph.D. University of Washington, 1980 Business, Government, and Society
  • MBA  University of Washington, 1975 Finance emphasis
  • B.A. Antioch College, 1965 Philosophy
Professional Affiliations: 
  • Editorial Board, Teaching Business Ethics
  • President's Marketing Strategic Advisory Committee, Faculty Rep, 1997-9
  • Awards Committee, 1994-97 (Chair, 1995-96)
  • Internship Task Force, 1996-8 (Chair)
  • Two plus Two Task Force, 1996-7
  • Library Liaison, 1996-97
  • Graduate Program Committee, 1997
  • Critical Thinking Taskforce, 1996--7
  • OSU Teamwork ‘95, session leader, 1995
  • OSU Improvement of Teaching quality initiative, founder and facilitator, 1994-96
  • OSU Quality Fair, session leader, 1994
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