Students can explore entrepreneurship by enrolling in entrepreneurship courses. Speak with an academic advisor about how entrepreneurship courses may align with your major or minor.

Undergraduate Courses

BA 160, 161, and 162: B-Engaged / Launch Pad

BA 160, 161 and 162, B-Engaged, are meant to be taken together as a series and are intended for first-year Oregon State students. In addition to being an introduction to life at Oregon State, B-Engaged prepares students to become entrepreneurial leaders. A special entrepreneurship section of this course, Launch Pad, is designed for students who wish to gain an even deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial process by working in teams to identify problems and to launch their own businesses that address those problems. Students in the entrepreneurship section enjoy unique benefits of enrollment, including meeting and networking with entrepreneurs, working with mentors, and aplying for funding to make their ideas a reality. To learn more about this unique course series, visit our Launch Pad page.

BA 260: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

In BA 260, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, students will explore the entrepreneurial process, with topics that include evaluating entrepreneurial capabilities, creativity, business model creation, opportunity assessment and feasibility analysis, business implementation, new product introduction, and seeking funds. Students in this course will form teams and advance a business idea, as well as deliver an elevator pitch. Learn the ropes with an introductory course designed to guide you through the entrepreneurial process and allow you to practice entrepreneurship.

BA 362: Social Entrepreneurship

In BA 362, Social Entrepreneurship, students will learn about the core concepts of entrepreneurship, using entrepreneurship to craft innovative responses to social problems in our communities. Entrepreneurial skills are as valuable in the social sector as they are in business, and students in this course will work on developing for-profit or non-profit firms that are designed to create social value and drive social, cultural or environmental change. 

Enrolling for Classes

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Graduate Courses

BA 518: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

In BA 518, graduate students of all majors are introduced to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation. Students gain exposure to the concepts, practice and tools of the entrepreneurial world.