Resources to Support Family Harmony

Building and maintaining harmony within the family takes effort for any family business. The Austin Family Business Program has several online and workshop resources covering family harmony topics including communication & conflict, fair vs. equal issues, and generational dynamics. Here are a few podcasts, webinars and upcoming workshops to get you started.

Upcoming Workshops

Salem | February 5, 2019
Terri Bennink - Classic Leadership Consulting
Preparing the Family and the Farm for Non-Family Managers
* this event is open to both ag family businesses and professional advisors.

Portland | February 14, 2019
Marsia Gunter and Karen Carnahan - Carnahan, Smith and Gunter
Family Momentum: Readying Future Family Business Leaders

Salem | March 20, 2019
Mark Wickman - Family Business Counsel
How Trust Can Be Your Most Valuable Family Business Asset

Portland | May 16, 2019
Christen Picot - Durham and Bates Agencies
Culture as Competitive Advantage in Your Family Business


Podcast episodes

Fair vs. Equal in Estate Planning

June Wiyrick-Flores shares common issues families face when deciding what is fair and equal for business successors and estate heirs.


Avoiding the Ditch: Keeping Your Family Business Communication On Track

Mark Wickman offers a guide to keeping family communication open and constructive before it has a chance to derail relationships.


Will the Next Generation Stay or Go? Communication that Supports Family Unity

Steve Lytle talks about intentional communications that help the next generation understand their potential with the family business.


Introducing Your New Date to the Family Business

Stacy Lange talks about family dynamics that can be turned upside down when new members are brought into the family group.


Recorded Webinars                               

Strategies for Family Business Conflict Resolution – Genesis Mediation

Dr. Randall Kinnison and Doug Alford of Genesis Mediation share practical tips for working with and resolving conflict.


Who Will Lead? Filling Leadership Gaps in Your Family Business

Jim Grew of The Grew Company breaks down how leadership gaps develop in the family business and how you can address them.

Visit the Austin Family Business Program online for additional resources and upcoming events.