Family Business 360 Breakfast Event

This event has concluded. You can download the briefing paper or listen to the associated podcast episode below:


What is your family's ideal business transition timeline?

When to implement various estate planning activities, like gifting company shares or establishing trusts, is one of the most challenging questions facing multigenerational family firms. Often, families don't start planning early enough and transitions wind up being more costly than necessary. This presentation will identify outcomes and goals that a family business needs to accomplish so you can understand the timeline that best fits your preferred transition. We will also discuss how to avoid pitfalls that can cause delays or increase costs.

Have you ever asked yourself "are we starting our transition planning too late, or too early?" or "how do we retain wealth and minimize cost through a transition?" If so, this breakfast will help you find the answers to move your planning forward toward a successful business transition.

November 16, 2017
BridgePort Brewpub, Portland

Presented by:
Jackson Lewis - Tonkon Torp LLP