Paying for College

Financial Assistance

Your college degree is an important investment of time and money, and it is an investment that pays off exponentially.

At the OSU College of Business, our mission is to prepare you for a successful future. That means we want you to understand how to balance the costs and responsibilities of earning your degree.

Yes, we have scholarships and financial aid; yes, we have employment opportunities. But we also have financial management workshops and trainings for every student focused on long-term and short-term planning. You're empowered with the knowledge to make a lifetime of sound financial and career decisions.

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Financial resources

Center for Advancing Financial Education

The OSU Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE), is housed in the College of Business, and provides workshops, training, counseling, a peer mentorship program and other resources to OSU students. CAFE also provides financial education and support to communities across the state.

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We know that college is a big investment in your future, and we have a lot of resources to help make your degree affordable. We offer scholarships for first-year, transfer and returning students. We place a strong emphasis on financial literacy and academic planning so you can finish strong.

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Employment Opportunities

Federal work study programs offer part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing you to earn money to help pay education expenses. Not only will you earn the money you need to help pay for college, you also gain valuable work experience.

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Financially Smart from the start

1) If you are eligible to complete FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you should fill out FAFSA every year. If you are eligible to fill out the Oregon student aid application, ORSAA, you should fill that out every year, too. Certain financial aid programs operate under a first-come, first-served basis.

2) Every OSU student should complete their ScholarDollars application, the one-stop shop for OSU and college and program scholarships. This unlocks financial opportunities that you may not have known about. The funds become available each November with a final application deadline of February 15.

3) A long-term academic plan keeps you organized and on track to your degree – or degrees. You’ll create an academic plan not just for your term, but for a longer view, too, so that you can get classes and prerequisites in the proper sequence, identify opportunities for a double major or minor or even an international study program.

4) We'll help you create a term-by-term “paying for college” plan and budget. We’ll look at tuition and fees and your food and shelter budget and make some charts and forecasts, so you’ll have a clear idea each term of what you’ll need for financial aid, scholarships and employment to stay financially secure.

5)  Canvas, the organizational software that every OSU student uses, also links you to the wide range of available financial resources available – worksheets, videos, campus programs and more. Get familiar with this great tool.