OSU Difference

Awesome students

Write a business plan, build, test and improve a prototype, conduct cutting-edge research with your professors, compete for startup funds or study abroad. All of this — any of this — can be part of your journey at OSU.

Microbusiness operators, entrepreneurs, inventors, students running clubs or supporting community service projects — you are all welcome here. Our awesome students become our awesome alumni: successful, plugged-in leaders who know how to navigate the world. You’ll feel the pride in joining our community from the moment you arrive.

How do we know? Think about this: nine out of ten of our new students stick with us. They stay on track with academic goals, on target with finances and scholarships, and motivated to get their degree with us. And each year, more than 600 Beaver business alumni come back to visit and share life stories with our current students, and offer career support and advice. 

A group of OSU College of Business students on the first day of class
People working on laptops

Flexible and focused learning

We designed our 28 business and design degrees and degree options with the support and insight of more than 185 area and national businesses. This means you — and your skills — are in demand in the job market when you graduate. We are committed to degree programs that focus on excellent career prospects, and we are committed to being a b-school that understands the rapidly transforming scape of business.

We serve students through three locations in Oregon (Corvallis, Bend and Portland) as well as fully online. That virtual fourth campus, Ecampus, is among the very best in the nation, and accessible to students all over the world. We’ve built transfer partnerships with two-year schools and hybrid learning models that support learning and degree completion for our students already in the workforce. Why? Because our students, the workforce and our alumni deserve and demand flexible learning, and we are committed to providing this to every student, every time, for every degree and upskill required throughout a success-driven career. 




We have a plan, literally

Blueprint is our award-winning series of classes (a class each term for each year at the college) — focused on professional and leadership development and financial literacy. Professional, personal and leadership skills form the backbone of successful careers, and all of our students graduate with the knowledge, skills and network needed to excel in the workplace.

You'll stay on track to graduate on time, with the skills and network to choose your career, and the savvy to make the big decisions at the right time.

For example, with financial literacy courses, students learn about financial goal setting, budgeting, credit management, loan repayment, taxes, savings/investing, major purchases and salary/benefit negotiations. 

The College of Business Blueprint is now recognized as a breakout success and national paradigm for best practices in education-to-career training.




A potential employer speaks with a student at a career fair

Academic excellence

Our faculty are committed professors and passionate mentors. They also are corporate leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and renowned researchers. That means you’re learning the foundations of business from the best. You’re sharing a classroom with thinkers who are ahead of the curve and ahead of the very textbooks they use to teach.

They run businesses, hold patents, practice law, speak several languages and publish in prestigious academic journals as well as well-known business magazines. They are committed to building a unique experience for your college journey. And they want you to achieve excellence.

Would it shock you, therefore, to learn that we are ranked 33rd in nation for Innovation, (yes, that puts us at a tie with east-coast private elite universities, Yale and Georgetown) and we’re No. 1 for innovation in the Pacific Northwest? Probably not, you’re starting to get the feel for the OSU difference.

Passionate alumni

The pride, loyalty, support and love that our more than 30,000 alumni have for college is our greatest gift and strength. While founding and running thriving businesses around Oregon and around the world, our alumni have also managed to build Austin Hall, support students with hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds, and support faculty research and innovation with millions. They’ve volunteered their time, and offered our graduates jobs.

Beaver business alumni are exceptional, and we are DAM proud of them. They’ve been cheering us on, never giving up, helping us grow, watching and waiting as we achieve national prominence for our programs and hit the global stage. We know we are awesome — because they are; they’ve shown us the way.

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Choose Us

Every step of the way
Our eleven academic advisors are with you throughout your undergraduate journey. You can walk in anytime with questions, and we’ll find you the answers. 

When you're successful, we're successful
We are the only college within Oregon State University that has a Career Success Center for our students. We help you find an internship, write a resume, and find a job when you’re ready to graduate. Guess what? Even after you graduate we'll STILL be here for you. We promise.

We're not just business; we're family
You’re not just a student; you’re a part of the Beaver business community. That’s why our first-year students live in one of our business-themed residence halls. This learning-focused, student-first, open-door culture makes the big Oregon State campus feel like the supportive place it is – as well as smaller and easier to navigate than you might think. You learn to think critically, to appreciate diversity, to develop a mindset of service, and to cultivate a global perspective.