Recruiting Diverse Talent

A 15-minute, self-paced training.

Course Summary

Organizations that can successfully diversify their workforces reap a number of rewards. Research links workforce diversity to multiple indicators of employee satisfaction, profitability and financial health. But, if you or your company are seeking to diversify your workforce, the question of how to start can seem overwhelming.

This short, self-paced training is directed at members of search committees, hiring managers, diversity and inclusion professionals, and human resources professionals. It provides a refresher on why diversity, equity and inclusion makes good business sense before focusing on bias: what it is, how to identify it during the hiring process, and practical steps that can be taken to address it in order to recruit diverse, talented candidate pools. The course takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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Advancing DEI at your organization

Our team offers significant expertise on advancing equity and inclusion in the workplace. Our recommendations are grounded in current research and are developed based on discussions regarding your needs and the needs of your employees, your mission and the resources that you can allocate to DEI initiatives. Sample topics include:

  • Recognizing and addressing bias
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse talent
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Being an ally to women in the workplace (designed especially for men)
  • Growing and enhancing employee/business resource groups and affinity groups

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