It is important to understand the different GPA's and GPA terminology used by the College of Business.

All Inclusive Business/Design GPA (AIB/AID):

In MyDegrees, the AIB/AID GPA is located in the box labeled "Major in . . ." (can use "What If" feature to have this box be viewable).  In the label heading, listed to the far right under the Academic Year, is the AIB/AID GPA.

  • Includes OSU grades AND transfer grades earned in the College of Business Degree Program courses (required and elective)
  • Used when applying or changing within a College of Business major or option
  • Minimum 2.5 AIB/AID GPA needed to qualify for College of Business Majors

College of Business (COB) GPA:

In MyDegrees, the COB GPA is located in the box labeled "Major in . . .".  It is found in the paragraph under the label heading.

  • This GPA calculates COB Degree Program grades taken ONLY at OSU
  • Used for COB Progression Standards
  • Used to meet graduation requirements (need minimum of 2.5 COB GPA for graduation)

NOTE: The 2nd grade earned in a course is always the grade used in OSU, AIB/AID and COB GPA calculations.  

Eligibility AIB/AID GPA:

  • Eligibility refers to the "minimum" AIB/AID GPA required to apply/change into a business/design major 
    • All COB degrees require a minimum 2.5 AIB GPA to add/change into the majors (some additional eligibility requirements may apply)
    • Only exception to this are: Interior/Apparel Design application eligibility GPA varies by option (ranges from 2.5 to 2.75)

Competitive AID GPA:

  • Used when applying to interior and/or apparel design option
  • Varies by option (ranges from 2.75 to 3.0)
  • GPA requirements are posted on COB Application website
  • Acceptance to either of the two design options greatly increases if competitive GPA is met or exceeded

Apparel Design & Interior Design Application for Acceptance

  • Full description of application and eligibility requirements
  • Why an application? They are studio majors
    • Limited classroom space (drafting tables, sewing machines)
    • More hands-on/project work
  • Majors are competitive
    • Grades in major classes are important.
    • Projects from design classes are required for the application

Two application periods per year (Spring and Fall)