We’re changing the landscape of business leadership by moving women into leadership roles in industry. We believe women’s perspectives should have equitable influence on business decisions and growth.

We want to help women reach success faster.

AWL In – PDX is a membership program for professionals in Portland who want to join the movement and drive change, advancing themselves while they move our community forward.

The name AWL In (short for “Advancing Women in Leadership – Portland” and pronounced “All In – Portland”) – in addition to being a tribute to a city we love – emphasizes our full commitment to advance women in leadership positions in businesses across the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area. We’re all in, betting our full stack of chips on women leaders moving our economy and our communities forward. We’re asking you to join us.

   Join AWL in PDX



Your membership gives you access to professional development and exclusive benefits provided by the OSU Center for the Advancement of Women in Leadership.

Become an AWL In - PDX member and/or sponsor members within your company. Companies that sponsor 10 memberships will receive an 11th membership, complimentary.

A membership fee of $100 provides the benefits listed below. Any amount over the $100 membership will be considered a contribution to the OSU Foundation to benefit the OSU Center for Advancement of Women in Leadership. Your generosity is appreciated.

Advancing Women in Leadership Admittance

Members have access to all Advancing Women in Leadership events for themselves and a friend. This quarterly series, hosted in Portland, gathers women professionals and advocates for women’s leadership together for networking, an interactive panel discussion, sharing of research on gender and leadership, and facilitated small group discussions on curated topics. Bring a friend and join our community.

Discounts on Professional Development

We take care of our AWL In – PDX members and make sure you have access to the skills and training you need to be successful and move up in the workplace. Members have access to a 20% discount on College of Business professional development programs. These courses are designed to meet the needs of working professionals. Many can be completed in as little as 4-5 weeks. There are no out-of-state fees or application process, and most courses are offered online. View the list of programs we offer, including leadership, digital marketing, project management, human resources management, and more.

AWL In – PDX Enamel Pin

You can easily identify other professionals who are “AWL In” and the movement we’re building when you sport your membership pin. There’s no secret handshake for this club. We want the world to know who we are and what we’re about.

Invitations to Special Events

We bring rockstar women to campus every year to tell their stories, and we host intimate meet-and-greets when the opportunity arises for our AWL In – PDX community to interact with one another and our featured guest speakers.

Your Membership Matters

Our members make possible the activities of the OSU Women in Leadership student club, which serves students of all majors, men and women, across OSU. The Women in Leadership club provides a wide array of speakers, workshops, networking events and fun opportunities for students to gather and forge connections. The club is dedicated to creating a community centered on professional development and driving change for future generations of women in business.