Mission, vision, values

We are the business school for Oregon and beyond;
elevating business, and advancing prosperity for all.

The Memorial Union

Our Mission

At the OSU College of Business, we provide transformative education to shape ethical leaders ready for global impact. By collaborating with students, faculty, alumni, and communities, we champion societal advancement, conduct relevant research, and foster an inclusive environment where every individual is valued.

Our Vision

We are the business school for Oregon and beyond. Elevating business education to support success for all learners, everywhere. Elevating business research to guide action today and help reimagine tomorrow. Elevating all communities to power economies and positive change across Oregon, the nation, and the world.

We will continue to invest in our people and resources to:

Elevate business education

  • By delivering distinctive learning that is seamlessly accessible for all types of students, both in-person and through OSU’s best-in-class online platform,
  • Through a unique approach, holistic curriculum and individualized service that prepares students to thrive at OSU, in their career and in life,
  • With opportunities that keep students engaged, inspired and confident so they are always ready to make an immediate impact in an ever-changing world.

Elevate business research

  • Through ground-breaking investigations into challenges that matter today and anticipating new areas that will shape the future,
  • By collaborating across OSU, academia and industry sectors in ways that advance our research excellence and scale business success,
  • With comprehensive support so researchers have what they need to make and share discoveries that matter.

Elevate business communities

  • With an unwavering commitment to building an inclusive culture among students, faculty and staff that strengthens our own community while advancing the next generation of skilled, diverse, culturally competent business leaders. By sharing knowledge that serves the people and communities of Oregon, the nation and the world,
  • With a reputation and reach that connects businesses, organizations, students and alumni in ways that create exceptional opportunities.
Three college of business students

Our Values

These values reflect our dedication to creating a positive impact on society, prioritizing the well-being of our communities, and offering unparalleled support to our students.

People over Profit:

We believe that business serves as a force for good, with people coming before profit. We prioritize the well-being, growth and success of our students, faculty and partners. While we champion a culture of dedication and hard work, we firmly believe that business success is not just immediate financial gains but also the positive impact and betterment of society and individuals.

Business as a Societal Good:

We believe that business is a catalyst for societal upliftment. Through our curriculum, partnerships and initiatives, we inspire our students to see business as a platform for giving back. We instill ethical and responsible business practices that lead to success and contribute to societal betterment.

Innovative Student Support:

Our approach to student support is rooted in innovation. Recognizing the importance of involvement and experiential learning, We continuously refine our methods, expand opportunities for involvement and ensure every student is equipped with the tools they need to be actively engaged in their academic, professional and personal growth.

Personalized, Holistic Support:

We pride ourselves on offering a level of personalized, holistic support that is unparalleled. Every student is unique, and we ensure that each one feels valued, heard and empowered throughout their years with us.

Integrity and Ethics:

We uphold the highest standards of ethics in all our actions and instill lessons of integrity, responsibility and action into the educational experience of our students. As they step out into the business world, they are equipped to make positive impacts, driven by ethical considerations.

Inclusivity and Success:

We recognize the historical significance of the land on which our institution stands, acknowledging that it was once the home of Native American communities. We strive to mirror the population of the Pacific Northwest and beyond in our student body and staff. We understand there is significant room for improvement and have set specific, measurable goals to enhance diversity and inclusion, including targeted recruitment and comprehensive support for underrepresented groups. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every individual is welcomed, understood and valued. We recognize that DEI is a continuous educational process. We aspire to be a space where equity, diversity and inclusion are active, evolving practices that acknowledge our past and drive our mission forward.





At the heart of the OSU College of Business, we believe in the power of diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Our strategic planning process reflects this.

  • 29 in-depth interviews
  • Multiple interactive workshops
  • Two comprehensive surveys
  • 3,440 responses

This conversation with our community has enriched our planning process, given depth to our data, ensuring every voice was heard and every perspective considered. And we are ready to turn this plan into action.

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The College of Business is poised for growth and transformation with a strategic plan that focuses on four crucial areas. These pillars are the foundation upon which we'll build our future.

Each area will shape our development over the next several years. They will drive our actions, inform our decisions and inspire our community. And importantly, they will help us create an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, and empowers every member of our community to succeed.

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