Our Priorities

Our vision encapsulates our commitment to excellence, inclusivity and impact.
To bring this vision to life, we identified four pillars of action.

We are looking forward, anticipating the changes to academic and curricula co-curricular offerings needed to meet market demands and serve our students best. We're enhancing faculty support. Our career development services are being revamped for higher efficacy and honing workplace-ready skills, benefiting both undergraduate and graduate students. We're enriching student growth through extracurricular activities while also fortifying our Ecampus experience. Our eyes are set: distinctive, dynamic education that supports lifelong learning.


We support our faculty to conduct excellent research and pursue research excellence. As Oregon’s top research university and a leader in business research, we turn discovery into action; we create scholarly work that addresses industry challenges, and we bring sustainable prosperity to businesses and communities with research insights. We will attract, support and retain research-active faculty, boosting resources to aid their productivity and quest for groundbreaking insights.


We are a college, and we are a community. We're committed to providing innovative and transformative learning experiences that embody prosperity and propel every student toward success. We will welcome you; we will include you — because we are a place where every faculty member and staff can thrive. Diversity is a priority, and we are dedicated to creating an inclusive culture that inspires excellence.


We are a distinctive and leading brand; it is time to be recognized. We want to be recognized — by learners, academia, and the business community — as the best business school in Oregon and beyond. And more importantly, we will also be the go-to thought partner for businesses and organizations across Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the nation and the world.

Core Values

We have a unique educational approach where values and impact are key. We prioritize people over profit and redefine business as a societal good. Committed to nurturing students with innovative support, we focus on academic and ethical growth. Our dedication to integrity, inclusivity, and societal betterment, acknowledges our historical roots and champions diversity and equity. We are on a journey where education transcends learning, aiming for a positive global impact.

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At the heart of the OSU College of Business, we believe in the power of diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Our strategic planning process reflects this.

  • 29 in-depth interviews
  • Multiple interactive workshops
  • Two comprehensive surveys
  • 3,440 responses

This conversation with our community has enriched our planning process, given depth to our data, ensuring every voice was heard and every perspective considered. And we are ready to turn this plan into action.

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