TitleWhen Knowledge Levels Vary, Why Not Try Hypermedia
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsKoenig, H
JournalMarketing Education Review
Date Published1994

A percentage of students believe that the final exam is the signal to forget what was taught in prerequisite classes. This can be a serious problem when subsequent courses rely on this information. However, with some imagination and time, an instructor can create an hypermedia tutorial for review that students actually might enjoy using. Hypermedia applications are not used widely in many disciplines, but are accepted readily by a generation of students raised on television, and are an effective method for presenting different types of information and providing both supplemental and remedial information to students. The author discusses hypermedia and provides several ideas that could be developed into hypermedia supplements for marketing classes. In addition, he discusses an application used in an upper division class and presents student reaction. The author concludes with a brief discussion of hardware, software, and lime commitment required to develop hypermedia applications.